Planting your own coffee tree

Planting your own coffee tree

Planting your own coffee tree

Do you also want your own coffee tree? We have the perfect solution for you!

You can buy your own coffee tree at our webshop and you don’t even have to take care of it. Handy right? One of our farmers, Juan and Maria from Guatemala and Indonesia will plant it for you. You will get a monthly update from the farmer with pictures and information about the tree you bought.
When the tree has fully grown, the farmer will harvest the beans and you get 1 bag of coffee beans for free!

When you buy the tree, the farmer will get the most of the income and when buying a coffee tree you bring environmental, social and financial benefits to the community of the farmer.

We will upload content on our social media about how the farmer is doing and how your help with buying a tree will do a difference.


Here you can get answers from the most frequently asked questions about planting your own coffee tree.

Where does my tree grow?

Right now we have 2 locations but we hope to expand it in the future.
Your tree can be planted at Juan’s farm in Guatemala or on Maria’s farm in Indonesia.
If you want more information about the 2 farmers you can find it here

How do I get updates about my tree?

You will be updated monthly on how your tree is doing.

What is the difference when I buy a tree?

The farmer will get all the income from the tree that you bought.

Which trees can I buy?

We offer 3 kinds of trees, the Arabica, Liberica and Eugenioides tree.
you can find more information about the tree on this page

How long does it take?

3-4 years

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