What is Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade coffee is farmed by farmers that receive a good an fair price from the people that buy the coffee. This all benefits the environment and community around them. This all helps the local economy by using the money for that economy. Instead that money goes to the global market. Almost 85% of Fair Trade is also organic, which means it’s free of commonly used agrochemicals and pesticides, which are toxic. So beside benefiting workers and farmers, it also benefits you. Buying Fair Trade coffee will get you a higher quality coffee with a nutrient and richer base because of the lack of toxins used in the process. 

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What is Fair Trade coffee? 

Coffee produced by farmers that receive a fair price for it, benefiting the environment and community. 

What are the requirements of Fair Trade?

Fair labor practises, responsible land management and requirements around workers rights

Why Fair Trade? 

May farmers don’t get a fair price for their hard work. Buying Fair Trade contributes to a better environment and community to the farmers. 

Why is fair trade certification needed today? 

A lot of family farmers make food products we enjoy every day, but unfortunately many of them don’t get a fair price for their hard work. Fair trade gives a better life and future for farmers and workers. Fair trade empowers to improve communities and protect the environment

What happens to my money buying FairBean coffee?

When you buy Fair trade coffee your money to goes to coffee roasters and farmers

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