Maria’s farmer life

Maria’s farmer life

Maria’s life was destined to be devoted to the coffee plantation. As a little kid, Maria was always watching her parents working on the farm. She wasn’t the normal kid that played with Barbie dolls but instead she pretended that she was a farmer on the plantation. Her parents were sure that their plantation would continue to exist when they were gone, because Maria would gladly inherit it.

25 years ago, the time had come. Maria became the owner of the farm. In the beginning she was struggling hard. One problem came after another, but in the end, she managed to carry on the plantation successfully. At the moment she has about 6000 coffee trees. If you know that each tree can produce up to 0,36 kg per year, Maria has 2.160 kg of coffee per year. But Maria hopes that she can expend the farm even more.

When it is off season in coffee, Maria tries to spend as much time as possible with her family. Her children run a local supermarket where the coffee is also being sold. When Maria has time, she enjoys helping out at the shop.

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