3 Reasons why you should buy Fair Trade coffee

3 Reasons why you should buy Fair Trade coffee

A lot of people start their day with a cup of coffee, or just need it to survive throughout the entire day. There are so many different types and sorts of coffee you can buy. Either in the supermarket or maybe at your local cafe, but beside the taste there might be more to take in consideration before buying it. Fair Trade might be one of those considerations. We at FairBean really value equality and a fair price for the farmers that make the beans. But why would you buy Fair Trade coffee? What are other reasons to take into consideration? 

  1. Farmers get a fair price 

One of the worries of one of our loyal customers is that it can benefit a lot of people, but also can take advantage of the people that distribute the coffee. At FairBean our farmers get a fair price to strive for a better community and environment.

The coffee industry can benefit a lot of people, but there are many that take advantage of them’.

Steph – 26 y/o  

2. Better for the environment

Buying Fair Trade coffee contributes to a better environment. Our farmers work with sustainable production methods instead of mass production. The farmers protect the land and wildlife habitat, by improving soil fertility and protect it against erosion.

‘Farmers make a really big impact of how we use land and water especially, I worry about resource use’

Steph – 26 y-o

3. Support the farmers and workers 

When buying Fair Trade coffee, you don’t only contribute to a better environment and a better price for the farmers. You also contribute supporting the farmers, workers and their environment. Compared to large businesses where the profit goes to the top instead of the farmers. When the farmers receive fair prices, they also have the possibility for better medical care and food and shelter.

‘ I really care about that the farmers receive the fair price and I want to see and experience the positive outcomes of that’.

Steph – 26y/o 

At FairBean the most important thing are our farmers. Without our farmers you don’t have the best coffee. We believe that the better the environment for the farmers, the better the coffee. 

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